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Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac - Mayan Advisor

Rigoberto Is a spiritual guide from Momostenango, Guatemala.  Momostenango means “Home of the Altars” and has maintained the sacred calander traditions for about 1,000 years.  He has traveled nationally and internationally to talk about the sacred calandar traditions.  He speaks regularly at home and abroad about the Maya Traditions.


Lee Jones


Lee worked field seasons of one to two weeks each year since 1983 with Maya scholars and professionals, including Peter Mathews, Merle Greene Robertson, Ian Graham, Karl Mayer and Stephan Merk. His duties were exploring for unknown and lost sites as well as site mapping. Over the decades, he has visited more than two hundred Maya sites in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. He has also published five articles in the Institute of Maya Studies.

Garth Norman

Mr. Norman has over 40 years of professional archaeological research experience and cultural resource contract work in the Intermountain West and in Mesoamerica. He has authored over 250 professional papers and contract reports. Director of Archaeoogical Research Consultants since 1982. Author of numerous archaeological research papers and reports. He is the leading Mesoamerican scholar in iconographic research of Izapan culture.


Mark Van Stone, Ph.D., G.F.

Professor of Art History, Southwestern College: A lifelong autodidact, Dr. Van Stone received his Bachelor’s degree in Physics, then spent twenty years as a professional calligrapher and independent scholar of world paleography, finally earning a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1988.  Along the way, he worked as a drummer, radio disk jockey and interviewer, and as a Claymation® animator (for Will Vinton Studios).
He later entered the University of Texas graduate school to study Maya Hieroglyphs with legendary decipherer Linda Schele in 1994.  One of Linda’s many gifts was ability to discern and cultivate the most useful talents in her students, and she trained Mark in the exacting art of drawing archeological inscriptions.  This final gift bore fruit in the book “Reading the Maya Glyphs”, co-authored with reknowned archeologist Michael Coe.  Mark is now Professor of Art History at Southwestern College, and has just completed his second book, “2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya”.  His dual background in science and art provides a unique understanding of Maya calligraphy, and to the development of every writing system as a visual art. Google his name for more.


Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer

Dedicated science communicator, landscape astrophotographer and dark sky activist. 

He served as the official astrophotographer for Planetario Ciudad de La Plata, Observatorio Nacional de la Facultad de Ciencias Astronómicas y Geofísicas de la Universidad de La Plata, Argentina. 

He is latinamerican International Dark Sky Association Delegate, Fornaxmounts Ambassador and  Photonightscape Awards Ambassador. 

He is a pioneer in science communication  productions for planetariums and Virtual Reallity. 

Astrophotography instrutor and lightpollution lecturer. 

He was invited by several international private and public institutions to exhibit his artworks, after learning advance imaging techniques he developed a unique form of expression, including ESA. 

He developed tourism programs combining cultural characteristics to creat educational material in latinamerica.

He is currently based in Guatemala producing educational audiovisuals that merges Mayan Astronomy and worldview. 



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