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The Maya Conservancy in conjunction with Jades, S.A. established the Twin Heroes Award to recognize the work and efforts of individuals and groups who contribute to the needs of their community. The needs could be environmental, educational, or artesanal.On March 22, 2012 the first Hero Twin Award was presented to the community of Yaxhá, Petén for their achievements in promoting Maya history and culture. The community also supported sustainable ecological projects by working on reforestation in areas surrounding their community. They brought awareness of environmental contamination and launched a fight against it through recycling of trash. They also promoted training in local crafts, the manufacturing of candy, and promoted planting ramón trees, learning its nutritional value and how to use it in local cuisine.

Through their efforts to restore balance and wellbeing to their community, the people of Yaxhá are deserving of the jade plaque that is given in friendship with the hope that it will bring them good fortune in future endeavors. The Maya Conservancy hopes that recognizing community efforts with the stone of ancestors will help bring recognition of both the community and the connection with their ancestral heritage.

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