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Become a Member! Help preserve and protect archaeological sites in the Maya area. The Maya Conservancy is seeking contributing members to further its goals and fund ongoing projects. Donations may also be earmarked for one or more specific projects.

To donate through PayPall use this email address:





Send a check payable to “The Maya Conservancy” to:
Claudia Boles, CPA –The Maya Conservancy Treasurer
1512 1/2 S. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX. 78704 USA

Membership Options

  • STUDENT: FREE  You can help us help the Maya to conserve their cultural heritage.  You can help by posting to on FaceBook, and Twitter.  You can find us at YouTube at The Maya  There are beautiful clips of trips and ceremonies.  OR you can win a one week trip, traveling with the Maya Elders and our TMC members, by writing a one page+ essay on “Why it is Important to Help Preserve Indigenous Traditions”.  Once a year Board Members will read the essays and select a winner. Contact Georgeann at for more information.

  • CACAO LEVEL: $20. For your contribution you will receive a Maya-made friendship bracelet that symbolizes the calendar date of December 21, 2012.

  • JAGUAR LEVEL: $75 You will receive the friendship bracelet and an explanation of your birthdate in the Maya Calendar.  When you make a donation, send your birthday, month and year to">

  • EAGLE:  $250.  You will receive the Jaguar level benefits plus a raffle ticket for an annual drawing of a beautiful jade carving, carved by Master Carver Dante Lopez.

  • AHAU: $2,500  All of the above benefits plus a jade birth glyph, plus 15% off the annual Maya Conservancy trip.

  • QUETZALCOATL: $5,000 You will receive the aforementioned benefits plus 50% off on any of our 2013 – 2014 trips.

  • ROYAL JADE LORD: $6,000+  Maya Lords were buried with a Jade Mask that conveyed immortality.  You will receive the all of the above benefits, plus a free trip with The Maya Conservancy, or a certified reproduction of a Jade burial mask.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Bi-annual Report

  • Partner and Sponsor Discounts

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