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Congreso de Turismo Arqueologico,

Actualizado: 20 jul 2019

The Maya Conservancy wants to thank INGUAT and JadeMaya for organizing and hosting the first Congreso de Turismo Arqueologico,  During the two days the attendees were treated to a beautiful Ballet Folklorico, as well as a variety of speakers.  Given that the prolonged days of rain made travel very difficult, we were glad that as many speakers and participants could arrive to make the event possible.  The main theme of the Conference was to emphasize the tourism that is possible in 2012. This theme was explored from academic, spiritual, historical, tourism economics, and other points of view.

The speakers included tourism specialists, archaeologists, Maya Spiritual Guides, epigraphers, cultural historians,and various Maya Studies specialists.  For copies of the various presentations you can inquire with us.

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